The Riyadh All-Star Team’s list for Paris is released, led by Ronaldo, and Taliska is on the list

January 17, the Riyadh All-Star Team announced the team against Paris Saint-Germain
The big list, they will face Paris Saint-Germain in the “Season Cup”.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been announced to be the captain of this game before. In addition, Ronaldo’s teammate Talisca and Gustavo who won in Riyadh also appeared on the list.

Riyadh All-Star Team Roster

Goalkeepers: 1-Buhari (Riyadh Victory), 21-Alovais (Riyadh Crescent)

Defenders: 4-Amri (Riyadh Victory), 78-Ujami (Riyadh Victory), 66-Abdul Hamid (Riyadh Crescent), 20-Zhang Xianxiu (Riyadh Crescent), 3-Madou
(Riyadh Victory), 2-Sultan Khanam (Riyadh Victory), 16-Nasser Dossari (Riyadh Crescent), 5-Ali Blahi (Riyadh Crescent)

Midfielder: 18-Luis Gustavo (Riyadh Victory), 17-Habali (Riyadh Victory), 8-Otaif (Riyadh Crescent), 28-Kanu (Riyadh Crescent), 14-Sami-
Al Naj (Riyadh Victory), 15-Matthews Pereira (Riyadh Crescent), 94-Taliska (Riyadh Victory), 10-Gonzalo Martinez (Riyadh Victory)

Forwards: 29-Salim Dosari (Riyadh Crescent), 19-Andre Carrillo (Riyadh Crescent), 11-Marega (Riyadh Crescent), 7-C Ronaldo (Riyadh Victory

The friendly match between Riyadh All-Stars and Paris Saint-Germain will start at 1 am on January 20, .