The Rose Dream is blooming in the clouds! The second Chinese Women’s Football theme Stadium landed in Liangshan, Sichuan.

“it’s so beautiful! This stadium has always been the dream of all our teachers and students, and we will work a hundred times harder than before! ” Qu Bishu, principal of the four Seasons Beautiful Wawu Primary School in Zhaojue County, Sichuan Province, sighed as he stood beside the school’s newly built football field.
Recently, the Rose Dream Stadium, the second Chinese women’s football theme stadium donated by the Chinese women’s football team and Alipay to the Wawu Primary School women’s football team, has been officially completed: the green stadium is especially dazzling among the mountains. A white rose blooming in the middle circle also represents the tenacious struggle and never give up spirit of the Chinese women’s football team.
The second Chinese women’s football theme stadium landed in Zhaojue Wawu Primary School in Sichuan Province.
Wawu Primary School is located in Daliang Mountain, which is 2700 meters above sea level. Its geographical location is remote, and it is shrouded in clouds all the year round, so it is also named “Yunduan Primary School”. Headmaster qu Bishu set up a women’s football team in 2018, hoping to make the girls in these mountains happy and gain more life possibilities through football. At present, the school women’s football team has 38 players and has to train 3-4 times a day from morning exercises. Over the past few years, children have been training on a “hand-made” mud field and are often injured.
Previously, the female football players of Wawu Primary School could only train on the local playground.
After learning about the situation of Wawu Primary School, the Chinese Football Association, Alipay and the women’s national football players decided to donate a “Rose Dream Stadium” for the campus women’s football team, and also hoped to get more people to participate in it. Help these mountain girls’ football dreams together. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the East Asia Cup in July, the Chinese Football Association and Alipay launched a public welfare campaign to “send a rose to the women’s football team”, calling on users to cheer for the women’s football team by lighting up digital roses and build a rose dream stadium. In a week, users lit up more than 600000 roses on Alipay, giving encouragement and blessings to the Chinese Women’s East Asia Cup, as well as giving love to this group of country football girls trained on the mud.
The official Weibo official of Chinese women’s football team announced the construction of a stadium for Wawu Primary School.
After the epidemic, weather and many other unfavorable factors, this rose dream stadium was finally built in the mountains. “in the past, we may have the worst training conditions in the mountains, but now we have the Rose Stadium. I think our condition is the best in the country!” Principal qu Bishgu excitedly revealed, “the principals of four key middle schools have contacted me to provide children with football skills. These mountain dolls really have a chance to get out of this mountain through football!”
Wawu primary school women’s football teammates train on the new stadium.
Jiniu Wuzuo, a female football player from Wawu Primary School, said: “this stadium is very soft, and we can play even when it rains and snows.” when we just repaired it, we all wanted to play without sleep until dawn! ”
Ji Niu Wuzuo trained on the brand-new “Rose Dream Stadium”
It is understood that the “Rose Dream Stadium” project, the theme stadium of Chinese women’s football team, was jointly launched by the Chinese Football Association and Alipay, hoping to convey the fighting spirit of Chinese women’s football team, inspire more girls to pursue football dreams and reap more life possibilities. In April last year, the country’s first Chinese women’s football-themed stadium was completed at Weize Youth Federation Hope Primary School in Stone Forest, Kunming, Yunnan Province.
The first Chinese Women’s Football theme Stadium landed in Yunnan Stone Forest
It is worth mentioning that the second Rose Dream Stadium has also attracted more Chinese women’s football “moments” to join. Sponsors and partners behind six women’s football teams, including Nike, Yipao, Mengniu, botanist, Tang Da Ren and Aigao, have also participated one after another. to the “Yunjian Primary School” girls’ football team sent football, training equipment, milk, pure water, instant noodles, skin care products and school supplies and other loving materials Work together to help the wind-chasing girls in the mountains to pursue their life dreams bravely.