The Sun: England still has a theoretical chance to win the championship, requiring the first four teams to send off five men.

December 17-the British newspaper the Sun raised the possibility of England winning the championship according to FIFA rules. If all four teams are sent off five men each in the last two games, England will win the championship as the most disciplined team in the quarterfinals.
The three Lions lost to the finalist 1-2 after being knocked out by France in the quarter-finals of 1amp.
But if a series of strange things happen, England have a chance to win trophies.
England had the best disciplinary record in the World Cup 1ram quarterfinals, with only one yellow card and Maguire’s yellow card against France.
Because of this, if both the final and the third play-off are given up, England will be crowned champion. To do this, five players must be sent off from each of the two teams.
This means that the match cannot be completed and FIFA has no choice but to hand over the trophy to England, the team with the best discipline record in the 1gamble 4-final.
It would be a strange way for England to win their first major honor in 56 years, but the fans don’t seem to mind.