The team’s best team of the year: Messi and Tintin in the list, Benzema and Mbappe in partnership with two strikers

French media team newspaper selected the best lineup in 2022, with Messi and Mbappe taking the lead, and four Champions League champions Real Madrid were selected.
The team newspaper explained the selection criteria: winning this year’s Champions League is not a prerequisite for being selected for the best squad, but the editorial department still decided to put the Champions League on the top priority, which means that four Real Madrid players will be included in the squad. They are Kurtuva, Modric, Kasemilo and Benzema, and they do not even have competitors on the list.
The following is the best team of the year in 2022 for the editorial department of the team newspaper.
Goalkeeper: Kurtuva
Defenders: Walker, Van Dick, Gwadior, Teo
Midfield: Lionel Messi, Modric, Casemillo, de Braunet
Strikers: Benzema, Mbappe
The team newspaper also gives the best match of the year selected by the users:
Goalkeeper: Kurtuva
Defenders: special Olympics, Gwadior, Yupamecano, Ashraff
Midfield: Bellingham, Modric, Lionel Messi, Debraone
Forwards: Harland, Mbappe