The Times: Casemiro will not complain about Manchester United’s training facilities like Ronaldo

January 22 According to the “Times”, Casemiro has played with young players since joining
He played well and never complained about the situation at the Carrington base, something his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo failed to do.

After joining Manchester United, Casemiro quickly showed his magnetism on the training ground. He mingled with the young players in the team.
And Ronaldo has never done this.
Casemiro only wanted to know three simple things before joining: Where would his family live?
What is it like to play at Old Trafford?
How good is the Carrington training ground?
Although Cristiano Ronaldo was interviewed by Morgan before leaving Manchester United and complained about Manchester United’s training ground, Casemiro never had any complaints about it.

United spent £8m refurbishing their Carrington base last year, with £7m earmarked for new facilities for the women’s and academy teams, including a gym, in front of the existing academy building.
The next phase will be to add training grounds and upgrade existing ones.

There are currently four pitches used by the first team for training, two of which are the Desso pitches, which cost £2 million to install and are reinstalled every year.
There is also a large screen next to the court, which can project the training footage captured by the drone onto the screen, or play clips of video analysis.
Mutaf, like Ten Hag, believes United have a long way to go on their return to the top, but they have made a convincing start.
According to sources, this is the first time in years that Manchester United have seen a steady and peaceful move forward.