The Times: FIFA wants to investigate the newly established football regulatory agency in the UK and believes it is political interference

February 28 According to the “Times” news, FIFA believes that the independent regulatory agency established by the British government
It is political interference.

In a white paper published last week, the UK government laid out plans for an independent regulator that would issue licenses to clubs to operate and oversee club owners and directors.
Legal experts believe the regulator could breach Article 15 of FIFA, which states that national federations must “remain independent and avoid any form of political interference”.

The Times said FIFA was investigating Britain’s independent football watchdog, which they saw as political interference.
Sources within FIFA say nothing will happen until the regulator is formally established, which is expected to take place in 2025.

British sports minister Andrew said last week that the regulator would be independent of the government.
An associate professor of British sports law said in an interview: “The work of an independent regulator may cause political interference. FIFA will wait for this bill to become law to see how the regulator will affect the independent decision-making of the Football Association and its members.
how to take action.”

Under the proposals, clubs would have to obtain an annual license from the regulator to play in any of English football’s five tiers, which would be awarded if the regulator deemed the club had sufficient funds to continue the season.

If the regulator decides that clubs are not financially sustainable, a range of sanctions will be imposed, including name-calling, fines, suspensions and the revocation of licenses.
The white paper meanwhile says that sanctions should have “the least impact on fans and players”, so owners and directors are more likely to be banned than clubs.