Top scorer list of U21 players in the top seven European leagues this season: Arsenal take the lead with 10 goals from Barragon

On December 30th, Squawka counted the U21 scorer list of the top seven European leagues this season, with Arsenal renting Barrogon at the top.
Top seven European leagues U21 shooter list:
1. Balogon, Arsenal rented to Reims, 10 goals
2 (tied), Gonzalo-Ramos, Benfica, 9 balls
2 (tied), Musiala, Bayern, 9 goals
4 (tied), Brobe, Ajax, 8 balls
4 (tied), Xavi-Simmons, Eindhoven, 8 balls
6. Vasi, Montpellier, 7 balls
(goblin killer)