Tottenham star: Kane’s style doesn’t match Manchester United, only Messi is worth your £100 million

February 17, Tottenham star Waddell said in an interview with The Sun
, Kane is not very suitable for Ten Hag’s tactical system, and it is risky for Manchester United to spend a lot of money to sign him.
He also talked about Enzo, saying Chelsea spent too much money on him.

Waddle said: “Harry Kane is a fantastic footballer, he has an amazing scoring record and I think he can fit into most teams. But Ten Hag likes guys who can start pressing up front,
That’s why he brought in Verhorst. Obviously he’s not Kane, but the lad works so hard, he leads his team-mates up and presses the opposition.”

“He likes to press and that opens up the game plan for Manchester United. I don’t think that’s Kane’s strength, he doesn’t run after centre-backs, he’s a different type of player. If you want to play a different style of football
Football, then a player like Kane would be more appropriate, as he did at Tottenham, to get out of the centre-backs and link up with the rest of the team-mates and get into areas they couldn’t mark.”

“So it would be an odd choice, given Ten Hag’s philosophy of football. He’s obviously a goal scorer and Manchester United need a goal scorer. I know Rashford is taking on that responsibility now but they
You need someone who can score 20 goals or more every season.”

However, Waddle suggested it would be “risky” for United to try to sign Kane in the summer if they want him to lead them to a title win, given the 29-year-old’s age and Tottenham’s high asking price.

Wardle added: “It’s difficult. Listen, it’s going to cost a lot of money to get him out, whether they’re willing to pay. He’s 29 now, so this will be his last big four-to-five-year deal for any club.
Take a risk and say we want Harry Kane. I understand why a lot of big clubs have been linked with him because, as I said, he’s a very good player.”

“You’re taking a risk, so it’s basically spending money to win trophies. If you win a title, it’s worth it, but if you don’t win a title, a lot of people say it’s not a wise investment. People are spending money and taking risks now.
, but Kane has at least proven his quality. I believe Manchester United will sign a player who can quickly integrate into the team.”

Waddle also spoke about Enzo, saying: “It’s a huge amount of money, I’ve seen him at the World Cup, but obviously Messi is their star player. You look at their team, he’s not the type
Impressive player. He is a hard worker, a very good passer and he is very good on the ball. He has some attributes that are different from Jorginho or Kovacic. I would not
Say how much better he is than them, so time will tell.”

“Chelsea are going to be good because they’re signing good players, but it’s going to take time and that’s why I’m waiting for them to get back on track. Would I say they spent too much money on him? I
It could be said that on a lot of players they do spend more money. For me, he has to score goals, make goals, he has to be a phenomenal player all over the pitch.”

“He’s not a dribbler, he’s not an exciting player, and that’s what people might think if he’s just above average, why spend so much money on him. For me, only signing Messi
Only a player would spend £110m-£115m, and he’s definitely not Messi.”