Totti appeared on the beach with his new girlfriend, who is a flower designer

January 11 According to the “Sun” report, the legendary Roma player Totti was recently arrested
Photographed on vacation on the beach with new girlfriend Noemi Bocchi.

Totti, who split from his wife Ilary Blasi, an Italian model and TV presenter, is now dating new girlfriend Noemi Bocchi.
Currently, the two went on vacation together at the beach, with Noemi Bocchi wearing a bikini.

Noemi Bocchi is a floral designer born in Rome.
The Sun also said Noemi Bocchi was wearing a gold Rolex watch, estimated to be worth £13,200.

Earlier, Totti broke up with his ex-wife, with whom he has three children.
Totti claimed that his ex-wife’s absence when he “needed her most” led to the breakdown of their marriage.

Relations between Totti and Ilary Blasi have been strained over the years.
Totti’s father died of the new crown before, and he said that he was mentally difficult to bear.
He also said that when he checked his ex-wife’s mobile phone, he found evidence of the woman’s infidelity.