Trippier: Many people at Manchester United have performed very well this season and will be ready for the Carabao Cup final

February 23 News In the early morning of February 27th, , Manchester United vs Newcastle will be ushered in
League Cup final.
In an interview recently, Trippier talked about the final.

Trippier said: “I know Rashford very well. I’m really happy for him because I always knew how unbelievable he was and he’s really reached a certain level. But they’re not all about Rashford.
Shford, as well as B Fee, Casemiro, Luke Shaw and others, their performance this season is also incredible.

“We can’t be too focused on them. Obviously, we need to study them, but we also need to focus on how we can hit them. We want to win in the final, that’s our only priority.

“I learned a lot from Simeone. In games, in finals, sometimes you have to be smart and know when to slow down the game if the opponent is ahead, even though the fans might not like it. I don’t think that’s the case.
It’s cheating because it’s about winning the game.

“We’ll be ready, I might play something new in the final. I’m just kidding! I don’t want a yellow card.”

(Sonny time)