Van Dijk needs time to prove himself, and I hope he will not be influenced by outside comments

January 7 Van Dijk accepted an interview with the Liverpool Echo, in which he talked about
Gakpo, and hope that his Liverpool career will not be disturbed by outside remarks.

Gakpo did not take part in Liverpool’s clash with Brentford due to ineligibility, but he has been training with the team this week ahead of Liverpool’s FA Cup third-round clash with Wolves on Saturday night
debuted in .

Van Dijk knew Gakpo when he was in the Dutch national team, and the two did communicate before Gakpo moved to Liverpool.
Van Dijk will be sidelined for some time due to a hamstring injury, and in an interview he hoped that Jacques could stay focused.

Van Dijk said in an interview: "I think Gacpo will handle it well, but until he is under this pressure, he may not be able to experience that feeling personally. He has to remain humble.
See how the whole team does it, and listen to what the coach says, listen to what the players around you say, don’t pay too much attention to the outside world, because in their mouth, you may be the best player in the world the day before
One, and then another one of the worst players in the world.

"Jacob has to stay calm in this situation, and I think he will. If he needs my help, I will spare no effort to help him. From my personal point of view, he is a
A very good player and a very good person. He would be a great signing for Liverpool, I am very fond of him, but I think he may take some time."

In addition, when talking about the conversation with Gakpo before his transfer, Van Dijk said: "We were just chatting normally, and I didn’t try to persuade him to transfer. I know the feeling of playing for Liverpool. I am here.
I’ve been here for five years and I’m happy playing under Klopp and I think Gakpo will like it too. We’re battling injuries and we need players who can decide games.
As time goes by, Jacques will prove his strength."