Van Gaal: Argentina change shows that they are afraid of us, if we are bad, they will do so?

December 10 News Dutch coach Van Gaal in the pre-match interview, talked about Argentina this game to change the array of 5 defenders.
“the change shows that they are very afraid of us. How could they do that if we are bad? Huh? ”
“to be honest, I think it’s good for us. We’ve been using this formation for a year. You can’t just switch to 532, it’s not that easy. Now they are missing a striker and all the burden falls on Messi’s shoulders. It makes me feel good, now they have one more player in the defence and of course we should not ignore that. ”
As for Belwin’s starting line-up, Van Gaal said: “he started because of his speed and for possible counterattack.” But now the other side three centre-backs, the situation will be different. Limit Macy? I have designed two sets of plans for the players to choose and I think they will make the right choice. ”
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