Vice Chairman of Lombardy Region: Someone suggested that Inter Milan stay at Meazza and Milan go to Sesto

January 25th, when interviewed by a reporter from “Daily Documentary”, Lombardy
District vice-president Letizia Moratti spoke about the Milan duo’s plans for a new stadium.

She said: “Should we dismantle the San Siro (Meazza) or rebuild it? I know there are people who are proposing to keep Inter Milan at the San Siro and then let Milan go to Sesto San Giovanni. I think now is the time.”
Everyone should unite.”

Previously, Inter Milan CEO Antonello said in an interview that if the Milan city government does not approve the new stadium plan, then Inter Milan will go to other areas to build new stadiums, and said that Inter Milan has always had alternatives.

The mayor of Sesto San Giovanni, Roberto Di Stefano, previously stated that the land for the construction of the new stadium has been prepared, only the Milan duo agree.

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