Vieira: We must stick to the way we want to play Young players need time to improve

January 21 In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Crystal Palace coach Vieira talked about the team’s current situation
In some cases, he said, the club has grown over the past few years.

About the draw against Manchester United

Vieira: “That game was really important and we got back some confidence because sometimes, we played some good football but didn’t get what we wanted or what we deserved.
I wouldn’t say we deserved to win against Manchester United, but we played really well, worked really hard and we deserved that one point. So I’m really happy because that game felt like we won and we
It takes that kind of brains and confidence.”

How to let the team score goals?

Vieira: “We have to stick to the way we want to play, the players have to be more aware of what I want and what I expect from them. You look at the game against Manchester United, I believe we have grabbed the second place many times
, but the way we handled them was not good enough. Sometimes, we had really good moments in the game and made bad decisions.”

“So we need to be more ruthless in front of goal, we need to change our mentality, it’s a process that takes time and then we get where we want to be. The difficulty in the game is that sometimes you take two steps forward and then back
One step, then three more. This season, like last, we’ve had some really good times and we’ve had some tough times.”

“But what I really like about this club is the stability we have in terms of managing emotions, whether it’s the highs or the lows, and we’ve been able to stay together through those difficult times. Yes, we had a good season last year,
But the Premier League is really competitive and you can look at the squads around us.”

“We have some young players who need time to develop and that’s why it’s important for us to manage expectations, it doesn’t mean we don’t have ambitions, but managing expectations is important. This club has been struggling in recent years.
To grow, look at the new academy, our infrastructure to get the players to work well, look at the young players we have brought in.”

“Crystal Palace as a club is all about sustainability, we’re growing but we’re going to give it our all and since I’ve been at the club it’s been very clear what we can achieve. But it hasn’t
, and that shouldn’t stop us from being ambitious, and on the pitch, we can still rely on players with special talent to reach new levels.”

On the increase in Zaha’s goals

Vieira: “It has to do with the way the team plays, everyone knows his talent, his ability to score goals. In order for him to score more goals, we need to create more chances, we need to have more control.
Possession of the ball, I think when we improve those things, he’s able to score those goals. To his credit, he’s got his feet on the ground and works hard every day because he wants to challenge himself and score more goals and he wants to improve.”

(Ma Dongyu)