Viltongheng broke the defense: what went wrong? Maybe we’re too old, isn’t it?

November 27-in the just-concluded World Cup group stage, Belgium lost 0-2 to Morocco, and veteran Vilton Heng broke some defenses after the game.
He looked blankly at the Belgian reporter, not knowing what to say. Then he slowly said, “We really didn’t perform well, so we should.” In the end, we conceded two identical goals in the set-pieces, both near the post.
The wrong goal. The first time we were lucky (offside was invalidated), the second time we couldn’t. I’m thinking so much right now that I’m thinking about things I shouldn’t have said in front of you.
I don’t think we created any opportunities… What went wrong? (ironically) maybe our bad attack is also because we are too old. Must be the case now? We have a lot of good players up front, but Morocco is the same. They did better today, which is very frustrating. ”
“after the game against Canada, things should only get better.” Viltongheng added, “We hope to qualify today, but now it will be a difficult last game, our situation is in jeopardy, but the level of this group of people will certainly survive.”