Wan-Pisaka contributed assists in the English League Cup, and fans commented: they almost forgot that he played in Manchester United.

December 22-Manchester United beat Burnley 2-0 in a Carling Cup match. In this game, Wan-Pisaka right shovel pass, Sven-Goran Eriksson shot in front of the goal. After the game, many Manchester United fans commented on social media, praising Wan-Pisa’s excellent performance.
One fan wrote: “Wan-Pisa is the best right-back in world football, we never doubted that” and “Wan-Pisa is back!” , “Wan-pizza card must stay! He is the best right-back in England.
Other fans wrote: “Wan-Pisa seems to play well. I hope he can revive his career at Manchester United or elsewhere.”I just realized that Wan-Pisa is still playing here. I really forgot that he played for Manchester United” and “I forgot the existence of Wan-Pisa.” Wan-Pisa contributed assists in the game! Wake me up quickly, everyone! ”
In 2019, Wan-Pisa joined Manchester United with a transfer fee of 45 million pounds. In his first two seasons at the club, he was a regular starter, but Vanessa’s playing time at Manchester United has been reduced since last year and he is no longer popular with the Reds after Tenhag joined the Reds.
West Ham United have been linked with reports that Wan Pisaka could leave Manchester United in January due to a lack of opportunities to play.