Wang Wei: The level of confrontation in the Chinese Super League has indeed dropped a lot. Chinese football is already at the bottom and will not be worse

January 12 According to a report from “Oriental Sports Daily”, Wang Wei, who plays for Meizhou Hakka, was interviewed
Shi believes that the current level of confrontation in the Chinese Super League has dropped a lot, and Chinese football has fallen to the bottom.

Regarding the current level of the Chinese Super League, Wang Wei believes that the level of confrontation between teams has indeed dropped a lot: “Because many big-name foreign players have left the league, many capable domestic players have retired, and young and talented players cannot emerge in time.
, so the decline in the level is inevitable. Of course, due to the impact of the epidemic at the end of this year’s league, many teams appeared “Xiaoyang people”, which made the last few rounds of the league impossible to carry out normally, and many teams abstained

“But I think this kind of difficulty is temporary. This is the bottom of Chinese football. I don’t think there will be a worse situation than this. You can see that many teams have no foreign aid, all Chinese classes, many teams because of
I abstained due to the epidemic, and there was turmoil. I think this should be a special product of this season. The so-called good or bad, Chinese football should get better.”

Next season, the Chinese Super League will resume home and away games, which is good news for all teams. “I think this is a turning point from bad to good. Resuming home and away games is really great for investors.
This season, you can see that Chengdu, Rongcheng and Dalian people once opened their home courts, and the feeling of having fans watching the game in the stadium is really good. Fans entering the stadium will increase the team’s income, so that the team
The investment will also increase, so I think it is necessary.”

Regarding the new season, Wang Wei said: “Meizhou Hakka is a club that operates at a low cost. Next year our primary goal is to avoid relegation, because this ‘second-year curse’ is quite scary. Of course, our most important goal is to
Be down-to-earth and gain a firm foothold in the Super League. I think I still cherish my last playing time. In fact, I am considered an older player in the team. My biggest dream is to stay away from injuries, maintain my appearance rate, and do more for the team.
Come out and help the team get good results.”

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