warm heart! All the members of the South Korean team paid a bonus at their own expense to Wu Xianyang, who was with the team but did not sign up.

December 15-in the squad of the South Korean team in this World Cup, there is a very special “27th man”. He is Suwon Samsung’s 21-year-old striker Wu Xianyun. He went to Qatar with the South Korean team and trained together. The reason is that the coaching staff of the South Korean team was worried that Sun Xingyi would not be able to recover. In the end, Sun Xingyi made a timely comeback, and Wu Xianyi did not get the chance to sign up, and recently, he also told a story about the team.
Wu Xianyuan said that because he was not in the big list, he could not participate in the bonus distribution of the South Korean team, but all the players on the national team said, “since Hyun Kun is not on the list, let’s send it to him ourselves.” Wu Xianqian said that he thanked them very much for taking care of themselves, in which he mainly thanked Zhao Xianyou.
Wu Xianyuan also said that he was sad that he had not been assigned a jersey number this time, but next time he must get the No. 18 jersey of the national team.