Weihorst: I try to hinder Barcelona’s offensive and defensive transition opportunities in the midfield and make them bore me

February 18 News The Europa League match that ended yesterday, Manchester United drew 2-2 with Barcelona away
Verhorst talked about the position of the game in an interview after the game.

In this game, Verhorst, who was previously a center player, retreated deeply. He often appeared in the center position on the field and would match up with Frankie De Jong.

Verhorst: “It was a high level game, I was in that position for the first time last week in the last half hour of the game. I think Ten Hag is satisfied because I heard I will play
It’s a midfield position. For Barcelona, transition is very important and my job is to keep hindering them and getting them bored with me so they don’t get into the games they want, no
It will play the way they want. And we can attack in the midfield area because the opponent is vulnerable in that respect, so you can see that in the first half of the game.”