Welcome to the ball king in heaven! Ten reasons why the Globe Lebele is considered the king of football history.

December 30-Brazilian legend Pele died of illness at the age of 82. Brazilian media Globe listed ten reasons why Pele is considered the king of football history.
Won the World Cup at the age of 1-17.
Pele, who was only 17 years old in 1957, was already the league’s top scorer, and the under-18-year-old Pele showed his talent at the World Cup in Sweden the following year, shining brilliantly in Brazil’s 5-2 victory over Sweden.
2-three World Cup titles with the Brazilian national team, helping Santos win two Intercontinental Cups.
Bailey was only 29 when he won five world championships.
3-the first player to score more than 1000 goals.
Pele scored his 1000th goal in Santos’s 2-1 win over Vasco on November 19, 1969.
4-all-around player
Pele can shoot on both feet, has an excellent header and is good at free kicks from any distance.
5-famous for failing to score a goal in a game
Pele twice against Uruguay, once against Czechoslovakia failed to score, when the commentary was: “so-and-so scored, Pele did not score.”
6-help popularize football in the United States
In June 1975, Bailey left Santos for the Universe in New York. Today, the attendance rate of the American professional football league is higher than that of the Brazilian league, thanks to Pele.
Best athlete of the 7th century
On July 12, 1980, Bailey was selected as the best athlete of the 20th century by the 20 most important publications in the world.
8-the King of Football in Film and Music
In 1981, Bailey starred in Stallone’s film “the Escape of Victory”, and the 2016 film “the birth of Legend” tells the story of Bailey’s brilliant life. Bailey is also very fond of playing guitar and has recorded songs.
9-Brazilian Minister of Sports
In 1995, at the invitation of the then President of Brazil, Pele became Brazil’s first sports minister.
10-one of the most famous people in the world
Pele is well known in America, Europe, Africa and the entire eastern world, and perhaps only in Argentina he is not the most popular one.
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