Wenger: I admire Martinez when I see him come to this day. We are proud of him.

John Cross, editor-in-chief of the Daily Mirror, interviewed Arsenal’s meritorious coach Ars è ne Wenger, the current technical director of FIFA.
In this interview, he praised the Argentine international who reached the World Cup final, Emiliano Martinez, who once played for Arsenal.
“I was happy for him, and at that time we realized his important ability and strong character. He is determined, eager to learn and passionate about the game.
Sometimes he goes out on loan and can’t even play, but that doesn’t stop his faith and motivation. When I saw his current position, I knew exactly what he had been through and I admired his achievements even more. Well done, Amy. We’re proud of you. ”
Arsenal’s legendary scout, the late Steve Raleigh, has impeccable connections in South America, with chief scout Sandro Orlandeli and Argentine scout Pablo Budner recommending Martinez to the Gunners. Dick Law, the former Arsenal transfer director, struck a deal with the Independent with an advance of £1 million and an appearance bonus of £1 million and did not speak a word of English when he first arrived in England.
“when he joined Arsenal, we added a bonus clause to his first contract and he will receive a bonus when he passes the English proficiency test. And he finished it before Christmas.
This shows that he is a person with great personality, willpower and great motivation. I don’t know how many contracts I signed with him-I probably signed two or three contracts with him before I left in 2017-but he was too motivated. ”
Martinez played for eight years at Arsenal and was rented out six times. Incredibly, he played only 11 Premiership games, but became a hero in the FA Cup in 2020. But Martinez has lost patience and is determined to be the No. 1 goalkeeper, especially when he dreams of becoming the No. 1 goalkeeper in Argentina.
Law said: “I remember his second or third contract. I remember asking him, ‘Amy, what are you going to do?'” Are you going to buy a house and settle down here? ”
He said,’No, I’m going to do two things: I don’t want my mother to work anymore. I’m going to buy her an apartment of her own.’ It says a lot about what kind of man he is, and the fans always don’t see the other side of the player. They see them in cup finals or major matches and think they always are. ”
“he is fearless and in excellent physical condition, and his physique is incredible. If I were a striker, I wouldn’t play against him. He was not afraid of anyone, he was not afraid of anything, and Martinez’s goalkeeping style was like going in with a white knife and coming out with a red knife.
And he was really depressed at that time, he was always knocking on the manager’s door. The goalkeeper is the most difficult position in football, and there is only one more difficult position on the football field, and that is the second goalkeeper. I’m sure it was a very difficult day for Amy when he left Arsenal.
But it is this motivation and dedication that allows him to stand on the stage of the World Cup final and keep the goal for Argentina. I sent him a congratulatory letter when he moved to Aston Villa. I have his number, and I will text him after the final, because as the number one goalkeeper. There is nothing more beautiful than this. ”