West Horst responded to the quarrel with Messi: I shook hands with Messi and he didn’t accept it, and he cursed some dirty words.

December 10-Argentina eliminated the Netherlands on penalties to advance to the semi-finals. After the match, Messi had an altercation with Dutch player West Horst.
Messi and Weshorst had a verbal exchange in the player aisle, and Wyhorst talked about it in an interview: I shook hands with Messi after the game, but he didn’t accept it and swore at me, but I didn’t know exactly what it meant because I didn’t know much Spanish. I feel very disappointed.
Media reports, Lionel Messi in an interview after the game, suddenly looked at the distance of the Dutch player West Horst, and said: “what are you looking at?” Piss off, you idiot, and keep going! ” ↓↓↓