Western media: Atletico Madrid valued Carrasco at 60 million euros, and it is impossible to exchange Depay with it

January 18, according to Western media Relevo, sources from Atletico Madrid
Guaranteed, it is impossible to exchange Depay for Carrasco, because Atletico Madrid value Carrasco at 60 million euros.
If Barcelona does not want Depay to leave, Atletico Madrid will use Plan B.

Atletico Madrid sources assured that if Barcelona do not want to let Depay leave the team freely in the winter window, then they will wait until the summer to sign the player for free.
Atletico Madrid’s plan B in this winter window is to rent Vitinia from Braga, as Relevo reported a few days ago.

On the other hand, Atletico Madrid has given Carrasco’s valuation: 60 million euros.
From Atletico Madrid’s point of view, Carrasco is better than Barcelona’s recent introductions of Rafinha and Ferran Torres. This is why they urged Barcelona to put such a transfer fee on the negotiating table if they want to get Carrasco.
Reason, Carrasco’s contract will expire in 2024.

Atletico have even pledged to facilitate Carrasco’s departure, but they want the attacker’s worth to be recognized.
As for the 22-year-old Vitinia, who has scored 12 goals for Braga this season, it will now be necessary to see whether Atletico Madrid is really doing something about it, or if it is used as pressure on Barcelona to let Depay leave the team.

(Ma Dongyu)