What Wu Jingui emphasizes the most in every game is his attitude. Chinese football has always lacked a game attitude

January 11 News In the first match of the FA Cup semi-finals that ended this afternoon, Shanghai Shenhua lost 0-2
In Shandong Taishan, missed the final.
After the game, Shenhua coach Wu Jingui attended the press conference.

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Wu Jingui: First of all, congratulations to the Taishan team for their promotion. At the same time, there are many fans present today. The game process should also satisfy the fans.
There is indeed a gap in strength between us and Taishan, but we dared to fight and take the ball during the game, and we also dared to cooperate.
There are many opportunities, and I am very satisfied with the process of the game. Many players have just joined the team, and their cooperation may be relatively unfamiliar, but they did a very good job on the field and went all out. This kind of spirit is hopeful.
At the same time, I would like to thank the fans of the two teams for coming to the scene and giving great support to the two teams. I am very moved and grateful to them. I hope they will continue to support the team next season. Overall, I am very satisfied with the game. The result of everyone’s united efforts is still good
Yes, thank you all too.

What kind of tactical arrangement and game mentality do you have before the game?

Wu Jingui: We know that Taishan is very strong, so we changed the 4 backs into 5 backs. Their midfielders are very strong and oppressive. We also have special arrangements for their foreign forwards. Under the leadership of Eddie and other old players,
The players defended well, the two full-backs and full-backs were also good, and the defense against Son Jun-ho was also good. They did a good job, but they might still be a little nervous. Before the game, we also told the players to stimulate their potential, and they did it.

After the game, the players felt a little regretful. Did you encourage the players after the game?

Wu Jingui: It is also a hope that they can feel regret after the game. It shows that they have the pursuit of the game and the confidence to fight against their opponents. They do have a 50% chance in the game. This is good for their growth.
I have also been encouraging them in the office. In the case of insufficient manpower, several of our old players are also working hard to lead young players, and they have all done it. In this long season, not only have they done well, but they are also inseparable from their families.

Many teenagers have shown good abilities. Will more and more players emerge in 2023?

Wu Jingui: Yes, the first thing I need to lead a team is that they have an attitude. No matter what opponent they face, they must have a mental outlook and attitude. So this season we have been doing our best until the end. Many coaches even joked and asked me about you guys.
Are you in contention?
But I think Chinese football lacks such an attitude. No matter the game or training, we must have the attitude of striving for victory.
But I don’t think it should be like this. You have to go all out every game. This is a kind of spirit. It should be like this in football, and strive to win.
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(Liang Sheng Mochen)