Wife members of the Premier League’s winter window’s new aid — both twerp champions and reality show actresses

As the 2023 world football winter transfer window has all been closed, the famous
The famous lace media “The Sun” also published an article, taking stock of the wives or girlfriends of the new players who joined the Premier League, in order to satisfy all fans with a “full understanding” of their new players.

Arsenal’s new aid Kiviol’s girlfriend-Kowalczyk:

The 30-year-old Kovalczyk is the girlfriend of Arsenal’s new aid Kiviol. She is a twerk dancer and also has her own clothing brand.
Back in 2017, Kovalczyk won the Twerk Queen competition in Germany.

Wife of Manchester United’s new aid Sabitzer – Kuhn

Kuhn is the wife of Manchester United’s new aid Sabitzer, who is 9 years older than Sabitzer.
She has starred in reality TV shows, and Sabitzer began to be together in 2017, and the two got engaged in 2020.
Today, the couple have a daughter who is 4 years old this year.

Chelsea’s new aid Felix’s girlfriend–Colcello:

Soap actress Colcello, 20, is the girlfriend of new Chelsea signing Felix.
It is understood that the two met after being introduced by friends on social media and have been in love since 2019.

Nottingham Forest’s new aid Navas’s wife–Salas:

The 38-year-old Salas is the wife of Nottingham Forest’s new aid Keylor Navas. She is a swimsuit model in Costa Rica.
In 2009, she married Navas, and they have two children after their marriage.

Chelsea’s new aid Enzo’s girlfriend – Cervantes:

The 22-year-old Chelsea new aid Enzo’s girlfriend is the girlfriend of Chelsea’s new aid Enzo.
It is understood that Cervantes is an English teacher, and she and Enzo began dating in 2019.
In 2020, the two welcomed the birth of their daughter Olivia.

Noah, the girlfriend of Liverpool’s new aid Gakpo:

The 23-year-old Noah is the model girlfriend of Liverpool’s new aid Gakpo.
Currently, Noah’s social media has 17,000 fans, and she often posts photos of her travels in Monaco, Ibiza, Saint-Tropez and Curacao.

Arsenal’s new aid Jorginho’s girlfriend–Harding:

The 32-year-old singer Harding is the girlfriend of Arsenal’s new signing Jorginho.
Before falling in love with Ruo Niao, she also had a relationship with Hollywood star Jude Law, and the two also had a daughter.