Won the award for the fourth time this season, officially: Musiara was chosen as Bayern’s best player in November

December 17 Bayern official news, Musiala was elected the team’s best player in November, this is also the fourth time this season that the young player of the month won the team’s player of the month award.
In the selection, Musiara won 49.6% of the vote, while Shubo-Moting and Gnabri ranked second and third with 34.9% and 5.8% of the vote, respectively.
The Bayern player of the month award is also the fourth time that Musiara has won this award this season (July, August, September and November). The best player in Bayern in October is Shubo Moting.
Musciara scored two goals and two assists in Bayern’s four games in November. Musciara became the youngest player in Bayern history at the age of 19 years and 259 days against Schalke 04 on November 13, Beijing time.