World: Busquets is seriously reconsidering the future. He wants to go to the United States with Messi.

According to the World Sports News, Barcelona midfielder Busquets is seriously reconsidering the future as Lionel Messi is likely to stay in Paris Saint-Germain for another year and postpone his trip to the United States.
After communicating with Harvey, Busquets’s ideas changed fundamentally. Busquets is a key player for Xavi and it is also very difficult to find a replacement for Busquets in the transfer market given the club’s tough economic situation. Another important aspect of Busquets’s decision was that he wanted to meet Lionel Messi again in the United States, but according to Le Parisien, Messi had agreed in principle to stay in Paris for another year.
So if Messi doesn’t go to the United States and Busquets doesn’t want to go to the United States next summer, he still thinks he’s capable of doing his best. And after quitting the Spanish national team, he will focus entirely on Barcelona, giving the club time to find a replacement.
(Ma Dongyu)