World Cup semi-finals scored valuable goals, Muani can be expected in the future?

Scoring in the semi-finals of the World Cup is worth remembering anyway, no matter how you score. In the match between France and Morocco, Kolo Muani became such a lucky guy, he was successfully shot from the back goal by Mbappe just 44 seconds after he came off the bench, becoming the third fastest player in World Cup history after coming off the bench.
Before the start of the World Cup, RB Leipzig striker Nkunku withdrew due to injury, giving Kolo Muani a chance to be shortlisted. Although Nkunku is one of the best players in the Bundesliga and a well-skilled attacker, according to some public opinion, it is not necessarily a bad thing for Kolo Muani to replace Nkunku, because the French team with Mbappe, Dembele and Koeman is not short of players who are good at creating threats around the penalty area. On the contrary, Kolo Muani is a rare high-speed striker. Can provide France with the necessary tactical supplement, at the same time, his good teamwork ability also provides a guarantee for him to integrate into the French team.
It is said that because of jet lag, when he received a call from Deschamps, Kolo Muani was not up in the morning. Among the candidates such as Diaby, Saint Maximan and Martial, without much hesitation, de chose Kolo Muani who works for Frankfurt. In fact, had it not been for the French team, Kolo Muani’s ability and recent performance would have been enough to perform in the World Cup, but in fact, it was not until September this year that Kolo Muani played for the French team for the first time. He has always been regarded as one of the targets of the French national team. On the one hand, he has made rapid progress in Frankfurt, on the other hand, the French team is full of talents. Therefore, as a newcomer to the French team, Kolo Muani also has to wait for the opportunity.
The luxurious French team has the capital without Bayer Leverkusen absolute thigh Diaby and Fofanah with a transfer fee of 75 million pounds worth 50 million euros plus stars, so how did Kolo Muani enter the eyes of Deschamps? In fact, Kolo Muani has become popular in the last 1-2 years. He is not a talented striker in French football. On the contrary, at the age of 16, Kolo Muani almost had no ball to play. He almost gave up his football career. Finally, thanks to Nantes to give him a contract, Kolo Muani was able to enter the track of professional players. Even after joining Nantes, Kolo Muani was not plain sailing. He was loaned by Nantes to a team in the French Serie C. according to the momentum at that time, Kolo Muani may only be an ordinary player unknown in French football.
Kolo-Muani’s real good luck will start in 2020. Under the training of Nantes then coach Christian Gourcuff, Kolo-Muani gradually showed his talent: he not only reached 1.87 meters tall, but also fast and flexible dribbling, which made him a tactically valuable attacker. In addition, in the later period of playing for Nantes, Kolo-Muani’s goal efficiency has also been greatly improved. In the 2021-22 season, Kolo-Muani helped Nantes win the French Cup, and people realized that Kolo-Muani is a real piece of uncut jade. He has great potential both in skill and consciousness, and the only thing he lacks is the coach’s advice and the accumulation of game experience.
At the end of last season, Kolo Muani, whose contract with Nantes expired, received invitations from many teams and finally chose Frankfurt in the Bundesliga. For young French players, it is a wise choice to choose the Bundesliga with strong openness and high technical and tactical level. This is where Dembele, Nkunku, Yu Pamecano and Konate have become famous. It is also the stage where Kolo Muani, Little Thuram, Endica, Terr and Ruutel continue to grow up, in Frankfurt. Kolo Muani, who received more attention, continued his good form, becoming the absolute main force and attacking thigh in Frankfurt, has so far contributed 8 goals and 10 assists for the team, and is the top scorer in Frankfurt and the assist king of the whole Bundesliga.
In this World Cup, Kolo Muani started in the last group stage match between France and Tunisia, and secured the victory for the team in the key battle of the World Cup semi-final. After the baptism of the World Cup, it is believed that Kolo Muani will have a brighter future in the French national team. In terms of technical characteristics, Kolo Muani, with excellent physical fitness and coping ability, is expected to become one of the protagonists in the French team’s future attack-when the invincible Mbappe completes the breakthrough. France need a player in the right place to put Mbappe’s pass into the goal, and Kolo Muani seems to be such an ideal candidate.
(sit-ups / Santiago-Wang)