World: DiMaria was recommended to Barcelona in May, but was given up because of his age

December 20-according to the Spanish newspaper Le Monde, Argentine midfielder Di Maria shone brilliantly in the World Cup final and he was recommended to Barcelona in May this year.
DiMaria ended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain this summer and was recommended to Barcelona in May. Xavi believes DiMaria’s strength is still good, but Barcelona gave up DiMaria because of his age and future team-building plans.
At that time, it was uncertain whether Dembele would stay in the team, while Barcelona were chasing Lafinia, while Barcelona were in talks with Lewandowski, 34, and Aspiliquita, 33, and Barcelona did not want to bring in too many veterans because of their age.
In the end, Di Maria joined Juventus and has made 10 appearances for Juventus this season, scoring one goal.