World: Messi is dissatisfied with Barcelona that he has no money to renew his contract, but many people are most likely to reduce their salary by 10% to stay in Paris.

December 21-according to the Spanish newspaper Le Monde, Messi is most likely to cut his salary by 10% and renew his contract with Paris. He is dissatisfied that Laporta wants him to play for Barcelona for free and then signs a number of players in succession.
Messi’s current contract with Paris expires in June next year, and sources close to the players say Messi will have to make a decision on the future early next year.
At the moment, it seems Paris is most likely to convince Messi. Given that Messi has just led Argentina to the World Cup, he thinks he is good enough to at least keep playing at the highest level for a while, and sources say this is also Messi’s idea. In addition, Qatar also wants him to become Qatar’s global brand ambassador.
Sources said that Paris Saint-Germain has sufficient funds and willingness to renew Messi’s contract and is most likely to renew Messi’s contract at 90% of the current contract. Argentina’s victory over France will not be a big obstacle, as Messi and his Argentine teammates did not make any contempt or ridicule for the French team. In addition, Messi and his family have adapted well to Paris.
The possibility of Lionel Messi returning to Barcelona? Barcelona’s financial situation is not so good this winter and it will not look much better next summer, when La Liga is expected to cut its salary by more than 200 million euros. The offer from Paris is much higher than that of Barcelona. Sources said that Barcelona and Messi did not have any contact, the possibility of the player returning to the Nou Camp is very small.
Messi doesn’t like anything Laporta says either. Laporta said publicly that the “contract extension” was going well that summer, but did not tell the players that they had no money to renew their contract until August 5.
Laporta also wants Lionel Messi to play for Barcelona for free, something no one has ever done in the club’s history. Just a few months after they told Messi that he could not pay his wages, Barcelona opened up as many as four economic levers, signing Levan, Conde, Phelan Torres and other players.
After Lionel Messi led the team to win the World Cup, Laporta congratulated Messi in a social media message: history has served justice. The best way is to untie Messi and his father by calling Lionel Messi and his father and admitting to them that he has not kept the player’s promise to renew his contract. However, at the end of the article, it is mentioned that Messi’s return to Barcelona is more like a utopian event than a reality.