World: Ramos’ contract expires in half a year, but the player has not yet received a proposal to renew his contract.

December 28-according to the World Sports News, Paris Saint-Germain defender Ramos’ contract will expire in half a year, but so far, the player has not received a proposal to renew his contract.
Ramos will be able to negotiate freely with any club from January 1 next year. However, although the Paris contract renewal proposal has not been received, it does not mean that this will not happen in the coming months.
Paris needs to consider two more factors, the first is Ramos’ age, who will be 37 in March next year, and the second is his performance. Ramos has played 20 games so far this season, with one goal and one assist. Considering his performance, the possibility that Paris will renew his contract in the future cannot be ruled out.
(Ma Dongyu)