World Sports Felix was allowed to go to London last night, and today he will undergo a Chelsea medical examination and even an official announcement

January 10 According to a report from “World Sports Daily”, Felix is expected to undergo a Chelsea medical examination today
, the Blues will pay a loan fee of 11 million euros and bear the Portuguese international’s salary of 6 million euros and other expenses.

According to reports, all parties are confident that the Felix loan deal will be completed quickly. After Chelsea and Atletico Madrid started negotiations on Sunday, they accelerated their pace yesterday, and now everything is basically finalized.
Felix has been cleared to travel to London and is expected to undergo a medical today, and if paperwork and other formalities are successfully completed, he may even officially become a Chelsea player today.

Chelsea wants to add a buyout clause, but Atletico Madrid is unwilling. The Blues will pay 11 million euros for renting Felix until June this year, and bear a total of 6 million euros in salary and other expenses.

Felix does not want to play under Simeone anymore. The relationship between the two parties has deteriorated in recent months. The advantage of renting Felix out to Atletico Madrid is that he can get a loan fee and save his salary for half a year.

Atletico believe that the best outcome for the two sides is to part ways this summer, but the outcome remains to be seen, because although Simeone’s contract lasts until 2024, it is not known whether he will stay next season.
In addition, Felix’s value may change in the next few months, so the club will evaluate again after the lease is completed.

In addition, Atletico Madrid hopes that Felix will renew his contract before leaving the team. The reason is to reduce amortization expenses. The current contract of Felix will expire in 2026. Felix has no objection to this.

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