World Sports: Laporta wants to repair the relationship with Messi and invite him to return to Camp Nou to play a tribute match

February 23 According to news from “World Sports Daily” reporter Roger Torelló,
Messi’s father and agent Jorge and Barcelona president Laporta met in Barcelona last Thursday.
In this meeting, Laporta tried to repair the relationship with Messi and invited him to return to Camp Nou to play a “tribute match”.

Previously, Laporta had admitted many times, both publicly and privately, that he believed there was “a thorn in Messi’s body” and wanted to pull it out.

According to sources close to Laporta, the meeting was harmonious and discussed Messi’s future.
Lionel Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain is about to expire and a deal has yet to be finalized despite the French club’s interest in extending it.
Before the meeting, Jorge told the media as soon as he landed in Barcelona: “I don’t think Leo will play in Barcelona anymore, the conditions are not met.”

In addition, Laporta hopes to invite Messi to hold a tribute match at the Nou Camp, so that he can say goodbye to his fans for nearly 20 years and share the honor of Messi’s career with them.
He hopes that the tribute match can be held in the 2024-25 season, when the reconstruction of the Nou Camp stadium is completed, which also coincides with the club’s 125th anniversary.