WS scored England players’ World Cup performance: Saka ranked first, Bellingham second

December 14-England lost 1-2 to France in the 1/4 World Finals in Qatar, ending in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.
The well-known data agency WhoScored also scored the performance of English players in this World Cup, of which England striker Saka ranked first.
Performance score of English players in the World Cup
​ 1. Saka 7.68
2 years. Bellingham 7.58
Three years. Maguire 7.35
Four years. Kane 7.34
Five minutes. Fowden 7.15
6 years old. Rushford 6.94
Seven years old. Luke Shaw 6.93
8 years. Tripier 6.92
Nine years. Rice 6.90
1: 0. Henderson 6.79