Wu Jingui: The players have demonstrated their technical and tactical level, and the performance of the echelon teenagers has exceeded expectations

January 4th, the first round of the FA Cup quarter-finals, Shanghai Shenhua defeated Cangzhou Xiong 5-1
Lions, Shanghai Shenhua head coach Wu Jingui attended the post-match press conference.

Wu Jingui said: "Today, the players showed their skills and tactics on the field, and the young players also showed their fighting spirit and spirit to win. Their understanding of tactics and emotional control on the field are very good, especially the young players in 2001.
After debuting, I also played the content of our pre-match deployment. I am very happy. Now many teams have encountered the problem of disorganized lineups, but I hope that we can go all out to play every game as always.
Face the game and life with a positive attitude. I hope that the players will not be afraid of the strong in the next game and continue to improve their own level."

Will echelon teenagers enter the first team?
Wu Jingui said: "Under today’s difficult circumstances, the performance of the young echelon players has exceeded my expectations. Generally speaking, several young players have met the requirements of the first team in terms of training and game attitude.
In the game, they can better display their technical and tactical level, and I believe that they all have the opportunity to enter the first team, and we will give them more opportunities to exercise and grow."

Talking about the team’s offensive performance, Wu Jingui said: "Although the opponent’s lineup is not as neat as ours, it is indeed a surprise to score so many goals, and I am very happy. Today the players on the field played what we have done since the beginning of the year
The technical and tactical style of play that has been instilled repeatedly, and we will continue to ask for this tactical style of play.”

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