Wu Jingui, we have another player who has a fever. Tomorrow’s game will be very difficult, so we will go all out to avoid losing

January 10 News on January 11, the semi-finals of the 2022 Football Association Cup will be held, Shanghai Shenhua
Against Shandong Taishan.
Before the game, Shenhua coach Wu Jingui and his player Eddie attended the press conference.

——Introduction of preparations

Wu Jingui: The team is very happy since the last game. The young players played well, but some players have a fever. The game will be difficult tomorrow. We will still play well as always.
The Taishan team is very good in all aspects. The strength of the players and the team are very strong. No matter what, our young players will go all out to compete with them under the leadership of two veteran players, Eddie and Sun Shilin.
I hope we can play at the level tomorrow and dedicate a wonderful game to everyone.

Eddie: With our existing players, we will do our best to play the game tomorrow and enjoy the game.

——Talking about whether the team has no pressure

Wu Jingui: In terms of pressure, we have no pressure in the FA Cup, but we will go all out to win every game.
You can see the disparity in strength. Our players have developed a habit of engaging in the game with a very professional attitude. We will go all out to avoid losses.

——Talking about whether to focus on defense

Wu Jingui: We have made some tactical arrangements, and we will arrange the overall offensive and defensive strategies according to our own strength.
For us in the penalty shootout, the opponent is Wang Dalei. We were the goalkeeper in 2001 and the goalkeeper in 2004, so the penalty shootout is not necessarily beneficial to us.