Xavi talks about Barcelona’s loss: don’t think that Barcelona’s league title is secure

February 27 News Barcelona coach Xavi attended the post-match press conference with Almeria

I believe this loss is also very uncomfortable for you:

Yes, in my opinion this is the worst game Barcelona have played this season, very angry.
Especially in the first half, we lacked the intensity of the game, lacked rhythm, and lacked the conduction and rotation of the ball.
We lost today when we couldn’t lose. Everyone lacks the desire for victory and the passion for the game.

We got better in the second half, but Almeria defended very well and at the end started to buy time, using various methods to win, which was very difficult for us.
It turned out to be tough, but life goes on.
We are still 7 points ahead of Real Madrid, but from their own point of view, Barcelona is completely out of shape, the worst game of the season.

After playing Manchester United, then lost to Almeria, and then there is the Copa del Rey semi-final against Real Madrid:

I don’t think it’s a matter of fitness and fatigue. We also rotated, and we also replaced other players in the second half. Of course, the current schedule is very tight, and we will definitely have some fatigue problems.
But on the other hand, today we lost 3 points. We also said before the game that today is a good opportunity to expand our lead. We missed it, which was very bad.

You also tried a lot of methods today, but it seems that no matter which formation or style of play can satisfy you:

Yes, we have tried 3-4-3, including letting Araujo rush up last, let Rafinha and Ferran make crosses, let Gabi step in and cooperate directly with Lewandowski, trying to make a name for himself in the middle
But we didn’t have a good chance, today was really not smooth for us.

You also brought in echelon strikers Alarcon and Torre:

It’s our solution, Torre is good, Alarcon can play for the first team, I have confidence in them.
It is a pity that this opportunity was not seized, and it is still necessary to move on.

What do you think the team lacks today?
What did you say to the players?
Why did the team miss such a critical opportunity at present?

I don’t think it’s a matter of attitude. Everyone’s attitude is fine today and they all want to win, but they need to show more things, more fighting spirit and passion.
Today should not have failed, I don’t want to blame anyone, because the biggest responsibility is myself.
We missed our chance today and here I want to apologize to the fans because we shouldn’t have missed this chance.
But now we need to pull ourselves together and be self-critical.

How do you explain that the team lost such a good opportunity when they were leading by 7 points, and even had a chance to lead by 10 points?

Because Almeria is fighting for relegation, they are fighting for their lives, and we lack the intensity and passion of the game.
We got better in the second half, but it was too late, the opponent’s defense was very tight, the defenders in the penalty area were very tight, we worked hard in the first half, and now we need to make adjustments.
starting from tomorrow.

Today you also received your 5th yellow card in your personal league. Do you think the referee is too harsh, or is it your problem?

This is my problem. I was more excited during the game. Getting a yellow card is also part of the game. The next game will be suspended. Sometimes some protests are unnecessary.
The next game is suspended, and then the yellow card is cleared.

Next is the Copa del Rey with Real Madrid:

Pull yourself together, you need to go all out, the game is not easy.
Everyone thinks that Barcelona’s league championship is stable, but that’s not the case. It takes a lot to win the championship, as in the Super Cup.
Next we have Real Madrid, the defending champions of the league and the Champions League, and it will be difficult, even if we are Barcelona.