Xie Hui: Coaching Dalian is the best memory of Zhang Enhua. Pressing and playing is an effective way for weak teams to score points

January 17 In an exclusive interview with “Football News”, Dalian coach Xie Hui said
, Coaching the Dalian team is the best memory of Zhang Enhua, and he is satisfied with the team’s performance this season.

Losing 0-3 to Chengdu Rongcheng in the last game as the end of the 2022 season of the Dalian team has made some Dalian fans more or less regretful. Someone once asked, so many teams have withdrawn from the last few rounds of the league for some reason.
0 to 3, and the game is also 0 to 3. Does the Dalian team have to play this game?

It must be fought, and it must be fought seriously.
Before the game, I expected a high probability of losing, but I still want to play.
The reason is simple, this is our job, this is our battleground, and this is an incredibly precious game.
If we want to withdraw, we have too many reasons, because even in the team I managed to cobble together, many players are still unable to increase their blood oxygen levels because of the new crown, and their lungs are still not breathing smoothly.
To the highest competitive state, so I can completely apply for retirement on the grounds that I cannot contribute to our best level.

But I didn’t, I consulted the team doctor to make sure that the lineup I could make would not lead to healthy results due to the game, and I explained to everyone the reason why I insisted on playing this game: “Of course I know that in the end
What does a game mean? After seeing how Chengdu won the three towns of Wuhan, after seeing their fighting spirit at home and the performance of tens of thousands of fanatical fans, we can imagine that we will have such an ending. But the more
This is the case, the more we have to go, why? Because it is rare in the Chinese Super League, and it has a rare high attendance home stadium. Chengdu Rongcheng is also a respected and admirable team.
It is our luck and our benefit to play a good team that spares no effort to keep the fans at home and play every second. We are going to support such a home court! Supporting such a home court is
Support the Super League, support our own future!”

If you look back at the entire season now, are you satisfied with the team’s performance?

On the whole, I am satisfied, but I don’t know if everyone is satisfied.
But I can tell you a set of data to see if my analysis makes sense.
Although we were finally recorded as 45 points in the standings, we actually got 48 points; if we divide this year’s total investment by the points we got, the amount of capital used for each point is equivalent to
In terms of return on investment, I believe that Dalian people’s performance in this area should be better than the actual ranking of our league.

In Europe, to measure a team’s performance, sometimes the ranking in the standings is not the only reference indicator.
Reasonable consideration often depends on the input-output ratio and the conversion rate of funds, otherwise there would be no history of Wenger coaching Arsenal for 20 consecutive years.
During Wenger’s 20 years at Arsenal, he bought low and sold high, with a virtuous circle of capital. Most of the time, the finances were in a state of blue letters (profit, red letters for losses).
Therefore, when I lead the team, I often think more about how we can make every penny invested by investors maximize its value, and then let these values bring the best impression to the fans.
When the Chinese Super League does not have the ability to generate income, I dare not say that small money is used to do big things, but we try our best to make the club spend as little money as possible, and what can be saved must not be wasted.
Therefore, when we look back at the entire season, in addition to looking at the results, we will also look at the efficiency of the use of invested funds and bring in more thinking.

Dalian fans are quite satisfied with your “just press and fight” tactics.
How did you come up with such a tactic for the Dalian people?

This tactic is not very novel. It has a history of at least ten years. At first, the Mainz team started this style of play in the 2005/06 season, and then slowly continued to improve this tactic. It was Klopp who made this tactic
Tactics played to the extreme.
This is not a particularly novel style of play, it is a more effective way of playing for relegation teams to score points.
It’s just that no one had the opportunity to put them into practice in the Chinese professional team before.
The overall staffing of the Dalianers at the beginning of the season is not strong. If they want to play in the Super League, they must find a way to win. Generally, weak teams need to put in more effort to win.

This year, Dalian fans really let us see what a football city really loves football. They don’t care about whether there are big names, they only care about whether the team plays well and work hard!
It should be said that the home atmosphere of the Dalian people this year should also be at the forefront of the entire Chinese Super League.

Yes, the home game also left us a lot of emotions.
Originally, some games had to be held empty, but Secretary Peng Yu assumed a huge responsibility for epidemic prevention. From the perspective of boosting morale, after strict epidemic prevention inspections and checks, hundreds of fans came to the scene to cheer for us.
It also played a catalytic role in our hard work and early relegation.

In every home game, Gui Bing, the chairman of the club, works on the front line to provide the most powerful support for the smooth progress of the game, instead of just sitting in the box and directing.
Many fans sent me private messages on Weibo on the days when they couldn’t get to the scene to watch the game, saying that they were very happy to have a representative go to the scene, and hoped that we could win and cheer for the team.

Some fans said that the life and work of the epidemic in the past few years have been hit, but the Dalian team is also like the phoenix nirvana.