Yan Qiang: The Z generation born around 2000 has already occupied the center of the Champions League

Excellent Live News after the first round of the Champions League quarter-finals, the most brilliant players, including Mbappe
, Vinicius, Mount, Foden, and even though he didn’t score a goal, Harland was still asked for his autograph by the referee…

This is the round in which Generation Z, born around 2000, collectively occupies the center of the stage in the UEFA Champions League, the highest stage of professional football competition.
Although the seniors still had outstanding performances, it was the Gen Zs who decided the outcome of the first round.

Melo has persisted for more than ten years, and there will always be newcomers passing on the torch.
Different from the previous generations, Generation Z has more obvious mobile Internet and social media attributes, and will definitely influence football, sports and even wider social life behaviors in the way of their era.