Yu Genwei: Players have obvious symptoms and can only abstain from the last three games. Lima’s contract expires and the cooperation ends

January 5 News The 2022 Super League season has come to an end, and the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers won the 8th place.
In an interview with "New Vision of Sports", Jinmen Tigers coach Yu Genwei summarized the team’s performance this season.

——Talking about the last three rounds of abstentions

Yu Genwei: Because the day after our match against Wuhan Changjiang on December 14 last year, the team was infected in a large area. Under such circumstances, I think more consideration should be given to the health of the players
, this is the first.
Therefore, we promptly reported to the club, including the leaders of the Sports Bureau. After unifying our thinking, we truthfully reported the situation of our team to the Chinese Football Association, hoping to get the understanding of the Chinese Football Association.
This is indeed a special situation, the situation of the team is like this, the team with more than 50 people is basically wiped out.
If we can play the last two games or the last game, we will definitely actively prepare again.
But everyone was infected with the virus, and the symptoms were still obvious after turning negative, so the last three league games had to be abstained.

——Talk about the completion of the team’s goals

Yu Genwei: In fact, at the beginning of the season, we had an internal goal for this year’s league. I remember that the first task I said at the time was to keep relegation.
Because we want to complete the relegation as soon as possible as soon as possible, and stop worrying the fans who care about us, including leaders at all levels.
Then in the second step, I also communicated with the team members. I think that based on the overall situation of this year’s league and the situation of each team, I think that if we can reach the ninth place as we wish, we can enter the top nine.
As far as our team is concerned, it should be regarded as a successful completion of the task.
In the end, I really feel very gratified, especially our local players. After this year’s game, I think their game experience, including the way of playing and positional skills in various positions, has greatly improved.

——Talk about summarizing work

Yu Genwei: As a team, the first step is to make a summary of this year, including that everyone in our coaching staff has arranged work and has a different division of labor. The assistant coaches will do their own summarization, and finally
I will summarize and then report to the club.
Then we will relatively advance some plans for next year.
Generally speaking, we still have to see when the league will start next year, including a series of things such as club admission, and then we will arrange the team’s next plan and work according to this time.

——Talking about player contracts

Yu Genwei: The contract between Lima and us has expired, and the cooperation has also ended.
The situation in Lima is quite special. After the disbandment of the Chongqing team before the start of the league last year, we introduced Lima at that time. In fact, we used him as a temporary reinforcement, and we also considered his overall salary for the whole year and the position of reinforcement.
After comprehensive consideration, I think his cost performance is very high.
But it is indeed a bit of a pity. Because of continuous injuries, he has been unable to play for a long time. I think he is also very regretful.
David Andujar’s contract has also expired. We will look at the next development and try our best to communicate.
Several other foreign aids have contracts with us until the end of 2023, because the stability of the team was also considered when signing the contracts at that time, so that we can have a long-term and stable cooperation.
The same is true for other internal aid, including according to the overall budget, we will proceed to the next step.

——Talking about signings

Yu Genwei: It can be said that our overall main framework in 2023 will not have any major changes on the basis of 2022, and we may strengthen in individual positions.
But this year’s league has just ended, we definitely have our target candidate, but whether we can introduce him as we wish depends on the local club and the wishes of the target candidate.
Because of the relatively large number of signings, we are now working on arranging this work, but we still have to see how things develop next.

——Talking about the expectation of returning home

Yu Genwei: First of all, I am looking forward to it very much, because it is the stadium where I have fought, and I really have deep feelings.
When I was an athlete at the time, I was very aware of the atmosphere when I was playing on the field, and I also knew the encouragement that the fans could bring to the players when they came to the field.
If the home and away games can be resumed smoothly in 2023, I think for the players, this can increase their excitement, improve their requirements and pursuit of the game, and it will have a very good promotion effect.
We are really looking forward to returning to the home game. When I communicated with many players in private, they also look forward to the team returning to the home court and playing every game well with the support of Tianjin fans.