Yuichi Kawada: the retention of Mori Boichi is good for the Japanese team, which can move forward to the World Cup final.

December 25-Today, Xiuichi, a Japanese official, attended the related activities of the Japanese Football Museum held in Tokyo’s Wenjing District, where he expressed his desire to participate in the US-Canada-Mexico World Cup three and a half years later.
Shuichi Kwon said: “three and a half years later, I not only want to join the national team, but also want to lead the team to win.” At present, I will only focus on this point and further improve myself on the existing basis. ”
On the possibility that Mori Baoichi may remain as coach of the Japanese team, Yuichi Kwon said: “the team does not necessarily need to change, it is necessary to maintain the upward momentum.” If Mori Bao can stay in office, at least the team building does not need to start all over again, this is the biggest advantage. I think next we can move on to the World Cup quarterfinals, quarterfinals or even finals, but first we have to try our best to break through the World Cup Asian qualifiers, which is not an easy task. ”