Zamorano: Alvarez is the most comprehensive striker today. There are no words to describe Messi.

On December 26th Chilean football star Zamorano accepted an exclusive interview with Le Ole, during which he talked about the Argentine national team and Lionel Messi.
— Argentine national team
“every team arriving at the World Cup wants to get off to a good start to boost morale, but Argentina was difficult from the start and we don’t even think their first opponent is difficult to deal with. Finally, Argentina successfully responded. ”
Surprised by Argentina’s immediate response
“I don’t know if I can describe it as surprise, but they did give an excellent response. After the first game, they began to build that kind of unity and the close relationship between their teammates, which we can see throughout the World Cup. They make people feel like a real, serious team, and everyone is fighting for the same goal. ”
“there have been a lot of important role players in Argentina, such as McAllister, Enzo Fernandez and Alvarez. Perhaps no one expected them to start in the World Cup, but they gradually evolved into very key players.”
— Alvarez
“in today’s football, I think Alvarez is the most comprehensive striker. He played very well on the flank, was the first defender in the front court, was able to unite teammates, had a good header, was able to hit the door with his left and right feet, and was able to run long and short distances. In addition, he has a big heart and there is no doubt that he is the future of Argentine football. ”
— Macy
“there is no adjective to describe Messi, at least for me, he will no longer surprise me. Leo represents the love of football and he makes us live with passion every second. It looks like he’s not in the game or on the pitch, he fell from the sky. The World Cup is the best reward for him and he definitely deserves it. ”
“Messi has been the best in the world for 15 years in a row, which is not easy at all. Now he can sit at the table of Pele and Maradona, or whichever table he wants. Messi’s style of football and his character connect us with a lot of hostile people. I don’t think any human being is unhappy to see Messi win the World Cup. Messi unites all South American countries. ”
(Qi Zi Cake)