Zanetti: Lautaro had health problems during the World Cup. He didn’t score but still helped the team.

December 23-Argentine star, Inter Vice President Zanetti revealed that Lautaro’s poor performance in the World Cup is due to physical reasons.
Argentina won the 2022 Qatar World Cup, but Lautaro was criticized for failing to score a goal at the World Cup. “I talked to Lautaro and I praised him and hugged him,” Zanetti said. He was happy and excited. I can tell you that Lautaro still has some health problems, but he insisted on playing in the World Cup. ”
Zanetti added: “when Lautaro gets the chance, he can help the team even if he doesn’t score a goal.” It’s part of football and the important thing is that all 26 players in the team can help. Lautaro scored the last penalty in the penalty shootout between Argentina and Holland, which was not easy. Lautaro and Alvarez are two very young strikers and we can rest assured about this position. ”
(Su Erhu)