Zhan Jun: Manchester United lacks a fat tiger to protect the defense line, Enkatia is a bit like the king of the restricted area

January 23rd News Premier League round 21, Arsenal reversed Manchester United 3-2.

After the game, the famous commentator Zhan Jun commented: “A wonderful ‘New Year’s wave’! Manchester United lacked Casemiro, just like Arsenal did not have Patty (Thomas) when the two teams faced each other in the first round.
Insufficient strength allows the opponent to get too many long-range shots and cooperation opportunities in the middle.”

“Although the Red Devils’ offensive efficiency is relatively high tonight, Rashford has also continued his brave state. Would it be better if Ten Hag replaced Garnacho earlier to strengthen the counterattack threat and decompress the defense?”

“Arsenal’s two wing attacks this season have given full play to their advantages. The last round of defeating Tottenham was brilliant on the right, and this time it was the left that created an equalizer and a lore goal. Nketiah’s growth is
Another big gain for the Gunners, slowly becoming a ‘King of the Restricted Zone’!”

“This strong contest for Arsenal not only eliminated the possible title threat from Manchester United, but also maintained a five-point gap with Manchester City. Whether they can finally win the championship after 19 years, the home and away match with the Blue Moon Legion
The confrontation will be decisive.”

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