Zhan Jun: Paris lacks scoring ability lack of hardness in the midfield, the Champions League is a bit hanging for Bayern

02 February 09 Paris Saint-Germain lost 1-2 to Marseille in the French Cup and stopped in the top 16
After the game, well-known commentator Zhan Jun commented on the current problems in Paris on Weibo.

Zhan Jun: PSG will host Bayern in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 next week. Last night’s French Cup round of 16 was eliminated by Marseille, which once again exposed the lack of scoring ability and lack of hardness in the midfield without Mbappe.
This Saturday they have another tough game away to Monaco, Messi must take a rest in rotation, can Neymar get back to the state at the beginning of the season?
Bayern’s Mane initially resumed training and should not be able to catch up in the first round of the game, but the team does not rely on a single attack point, and can achieve “multi-point blooming” in the frontcourt.
Relatively speaking, Bayern’s midfielder is more trustworthy.
From this point of view, next week’s Champions League focus match Paris is a bit hanging…