Zhan Jun pays tribute to Bell who was nicknamed Guchuan Qiangfu in Tottenham, and Chitu became a great saint in Real Madrid

January 10 News Today, 33-year-old Bell officially announced his retirement, and then a well-known commentator
Zhan Jun posted a tribute to Bell.

Zhan Jun posted: 33-year-old Bell announced his retirement.
When he played for Tottenham, I nicknamed him "Bone Chuan Qiangfu" because he has a sense of joy and is like the little naughty boy who often bullies Nobita in Doraemon.

Slowly we found out that he is really a skeletal genius, a unique "martial arts wizard" with a rare combination of amazing explosive power and endurance, and his nickname became "Red Rabbit Among People".
Later, of course, he became the "Great Sage" worshiped by thousands of people in Real Madrid.

In the eyes of Welsh fans, Bell is the best star in their history. He has the record of representing the "Red Dragon"’s youngest debut, the most international matches and the most goals.
From the European Cup to the World Cup.

He is the pride of Wales!
Next step?
Maybe he will surprise everyone on the PGA Tour……