Zhan Jun: The offensive football of Arsenal and Naples is pleasing to the eye, it would be nice to play a game

January 25 News This morning, Zhan Jun updated social media and praised Serie A leader Naples and the Premier League
Leaders Arsenal’s attacking football this season.

Zhan Jun commented: “Although the last champion AC Milan continued to rank second after losing 0-4 to Lazio, it has been pulled 12 points away by Naples in the Serie A standings. The last time Naples won the championship was Maradona in 1989.
-1990 season. Interestingly, the Premier League and Serie A have the same points after the half-time leader with 16 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, but Manchester City is 5 points away from Arsenal, which makes the Premier League title more suspenseful.”

Then Zhan Jun said with great anticipation: “The offensive football between Arsenal and Naples this season is pleasing to the eye. It would be great if they could play one game? In fact, what Gun fans are thinking about now is to play Bayern!”