Zhang Lu looked back on the final: unexpectedly, Si Shuai put DiMaria on the left, and the strange soldiers achieved amazing results.

On December 19, when reviewing the World Cup final, Zhang Lu thought that Scaroni had a wonderful effect when he went out of the game.
Argentina beat France in a penalty shootout to win the World Cup final, the third World Cup title won by the Pampas Eagles.
Looking back on the final after the game, Zhang Lu said: “looking back on the use of the second marshal in last night’s final.” Originally thought that both sides will be cautious, Argentina will focus on the right, did not expect Si Shuai to put DiMaria on the left, a little temptation began to attack on the left, 21 points to see results, DiMaria left breakthrough point. France overcame the attack and was counterattacked and conceded the goal. France is unexpected, unable to compete with its opponents, and the midfield is out of control and completely passive. Si Shuai achieved amazing results with strange soldiers, but also laid the groundwork for the lack of physical strength in the second half. ​​​ ”