Zhang Yuan: please understand that the result is not good. Say sorry to the Shenzhen fans.

On December 30, in the last round of the Chinese Super League, Shenzhen lost 0-2 to Shanghai Shenhua, and Shenzhen midfielder Zhang Yuan was interviewed after the match.
Summing up this season’s game–
Our goal this season is to avoid relegation, I think we first completed the task of avoiding relegation, the team is also in a difficult and transitional stage, including a lot of negative news, but we players also survived.
As players, we can continue to stay here in this difficult time. I think we can give an explanation to the fans. Although the result of this explanation is not good-looking, please understand. Say sorry to our fans in Shenzhen, really sorry for their support, in this case has been cheering us up, do not give up, I am really grateful.
We also focus on young players in most of the games in the second half of this year. I hope these games will give them good exercise, either in the future or next year, and a better replacement between the old and the new in the future of the club.
It has been three years since the epidemic, and everyone may not be very satisfied with our league or the performance of our players. to be honest, as a player, I am really not satisfied with my performance in this industry. I hope that after the epidemic is over, both our industry and the league will get better, and you have all worked hard.