Zinchenko: always said that the referee needs to protect Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar, and Saka also needs to protect

February 20th, in Arsenal’s 4-2 victory over Villa, Sakar
Ka was repeatedly fouled by the opponent, and Zinchenko called on the referee to protect players like Saka.

Zinchenko said: “Saka is an incredible player. The full-backs of other teams know that he is very dangerous, so they will try to provoke him and foul him. The referee should know this.”

“We can talk about Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and other players, and say that the referee needs to protect these players. In addition to Saka, there are other forwards in our team who are often fouled. The referee needs to pay attention and protect them.”

When talking about the team’s performance, Zinchenko said: “To be honest, the performance in the first half was not good enough, I am not satisfied at all, but in the second half, I am very happy to help my team with goals, first and foremost.
The goal is always to get the three points.

“We have enough strength, but we can’t stand still, there is still a lot to improve, if we try to improve ourselves, then we are on the right path”